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IZO™ SDWAN maximises performance by combining IZO™ Hybrid WAN with cutting edge software-defined and virtualised network technologies in over 130 countries delivered as a managed service. Ensure better end-user experience, simplified branch infrastructure, consistent security policies and lower cost of ownership.

IZO™ SDWAN has two deployment models, Prime and Select, allow you to leverage your existing network investments, and/or choose new technology based on x86 devices for any of your enterprise headquarter and branch locations. IZO™ SDWAN Prime is patent-pending. 


- Lower total cost of ownership by up to 30% through right-sizing bandwidth 

- Automatically detect over 2500 applications and traffic pattern 

- Implement network routing policies - instantaneously

- Consistent security policy across the entire network


IZO™ SDWAN cloud service gateways are built next to major cloud service providers in 20 locations on all major continents across the globe:  

- Extending IZO™ SDWAN sites to IZO™ Private Connect cloud partners  

- Regional Internet breakout for IZO™ SDWAN sites  

- Gateway between traditional and x86-based network domains  

- Connection from Internet to IZO™ Private Connect cloud partners or MPLS 


“Tata Communications’ IZO™ SDWAN enables seamless inter-working between the overlay SDWAN and underlying IZO™ Hybrid WAN infrastructure. This circumvents metric-based decisions for network traffic, helping to optimize network performance and improve application user experience.”
– Clement Teo, Principal Analyst, Ovum

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Experience the key benefits of IZO™ SDWAN

  • Build with virtualized network functions and centralised configuration tool for streamlined IT operations. 

  • Raise service availability and application performance for better user experience across your network. 

  • Use both cloud-based security and centralised management to enforce globally consistent policy. 

  • Accelerate intelligent routing policy change implementations through a simpler centralised control. 

  • Gain full visibility over 2500 applications across your entire IT stack, including the underlying network. 

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