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IZO™ Private Connect is a cloud enablement service that links your business VPN to leading cloud service providers via MPLS or Ethernet.  IZO™ Private Connect gives you network predictability while allowing you to access your cloud provider from anywhere in the world.

Improve network predictably and end user experience too. Our global partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft for O365 and Azure™, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, plus Salesforce offers a single, simple end-to-end solution. As part of a cloud enablement platform, companies can join an entire global ecosystem that provides secure, high performance connections between enterprises, cloud service providers and third-party data centre partners. Experience the key benefits of IZO™ Private Connect.

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Experience the key benefits of IZO™ Private Connect

  • Enjoy dedicated network capacity and high speeds without worrying that your data is under threat.

  • No more nasty surprises. IZO™ Private Connect provides Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and consistent network performance, giving you guaranteed throughput and availability.

  • Untangle your network management with a single, fully managed global relationship, and 24/7/365 customer service keeping outages to a minimum.

  • Smooth connections to the top public clouds and data centres over our global Tier-1 network — one site to multiple hubs without compromising your network availability.

Customer Stories


To offer clients a speedy, secure and reliable user experience while at the same time, minimising operating costs and increasing resource efficiency, Cognizant, a US-based, Nasdaq listed organisation recognised the need to replace less reliable public Internet access to Amazon Web Services with more robust, secure connectivity.

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