To offer clients a speedy, secure and reliable user experience while at the same time, minimising operating costs and increasing resource efficiency, Cognizant, a US-based, Nasdaq listed organisation recognised the need to replace less reliable public Internet access to Amazon Web Services with more robust, secure connectivity.


The requirement for a more robust connectivity between Cognizant and cloud providers’ data centres was growing significantly, so it was fortunate that Cognizant’s 120 locations around the world were already served by a Tata Communications Global VPN.

Rajesh Deenadayalan, a Senior Manager for Cognizant’s Network and Systems Services (NSS) team says: “Customers’ dependence on cloud solutions was growing fast. Trusted by big established enterprises and the hottest start-ups, cloud providers like AWS perfectly matched our agile business model.”

Cognizant found IZO™ Private Connect a perfect solution as it linked businesses to cloud services over the existing Tata Communications MPLS or Ethernet-based Global VPNs. Through their global partner interconnect arrangements, companies now have access to a single provider, offering end-to-end cloud management for peerless business performance.

“With IZO Private Connect our cloud traffic is carried with the same speed and security we get from our Tata Communications Global VPN service. A resilient gateway at a Tata Communications data centre offers the shortest hop to the cloud provider’s domain along with firewalled security.”

Manohar Vellaiyan

NSS Senior Director

Use of two separate cloud platforms makes Cognizant the first multi-cloud-connected Tata Communications customer.


IZO™  Private Connect runs over the Tata Communications Global VPN infrastructure, which is naturally designed to perform to enterprise standards. It matches in-house Cognizant systems and exceeds them in scalability, thus minimising time-to-market for new hybrid services. 

For Cognizant, IZO™ Private Connect offers lower TCO and higher resource efficiency.  Meanwhile, Cognizant clients now enjoy a robust, network infrastructure with high-speed, secure, reliable and scalable cloud service.

Rajesh says: “The IZO Private Connect links are more secure than the public Internet. The fact that they’re part of a managed service gives additional support and assurance that they don’t deviate from our normal high standards.”   

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