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For enterprises looking to deliver seamless user experience across their networks and infrastructures, Tata Communications offers IZO: a flexible, one-stop cloud enablement platform that helps you navigate complexity for more agile business performance. Scale seamlessly, expand rapidly and stay flexible without compromising security.

Do you need a cloud-ready network?
The IZO™ Cloud Enablement Platform takes the complexity out of cloud computing with products designed to give your enterprise greater predictability, productivity and agility.

Do you need cloud infrastructure solutions?
Our open ecosystem consolidates disparate elements of your IT architecture, allowing you to transform your enterprise, scaling up or down seamlessly without compromising security.

Experience the key benefits of IZO™ Cloud Platform

  • IZO™ SDWAN maximises performance by combining IZO™ Hybrid WAN with cutting edge software-defined and virtualised network technologies in over 130 countries.

  • IZO™ Hybrid WAN gives you increased resilience for the most cost-effective performance.

  • IZO™ Private Connect gives reliable network performance while allowing you to access your cloud providers privately from anywhere in the world.

  • IZO™ Public Connect lets you access public cloud providers using a dedicated and deterministic route, for more agile business performance.

  • IZO™ Internet WAN gives business the security, flexibility and predictability of a private network, with the global reach of the internet - for the first time, enhancing your productivity.

  • IZO™ Private Cloud gives you a high-performance IT-ready hybrid infrastructure for a seamless cloud experience.

  • IZO™ Cloud Storage lets you scale your infrastructure up and down effortlessly in a durable, secure environment.


by Timothy Chou
As demand grows for cloud compute and storage services, how will cloud service providers evolve to satisfy increasingly specialised business requirements?

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Customer Stories


To offer clients a speedy, secure and reliable user experience while at the same time, minimising operating costs and increasing resource efficiency, Cognizant, a US-based, Nasdaq listed organisation recognised the need to replace less reliable public Internet access to Amazon Web Services with more robust, secure connectivity.

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Client Instant Access, a major provider of conferencing, dialling and messaging services found that globalisation and the sheer popularity of its offer was fuelling worldwide…

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Microsoft needed to find a way to offer its enterprise customers improved network performance while reducing their capital and operational expenditure. With security and predictability…

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Tata Communications IZO™ Cloud solutions combined managed hosting, VPN and Cloud security to give quicker ROI.  As an innovative healthcare provider with a growing number of…

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